Mt.Manaslu Expedition
Mt. Manaslu (8,163m / 26,781ft) Located 28.32.58 longitude and 83.33.43 latitude Manaslu is situated in the central region of Nepal in the Gorkha massif is the eighth highest mountain in the world. The name “Manaslu” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Maanas” which means “soul” or “intellect”. Japanese were the first humans to climb Manslu Mountain in 1956, therefore it is even today, considered as Japanese Peak by many local people.

Though there are many routes to Manslu mountaineering , the long ridge Manaslu Base Camp and valley glacier offer feasibility to approach from different directions, South Face is considered to be the most difficult. Our caravan route to this mountain begins from Gorkha to Samagaon and the return route via the Larky La/ Larky pass trekking to the Annapurna classic route,making the expedition one of the memorable one for Mt. Manaslu climbing.