Mt. Everest Expedition
Even though the highest mountain in the world has been conquered many times in this forty-six year since the first conquest. Everest is still as inexplicable, beguiling and magnificent as ever. Standing incredibly tall silhouetted against the shared sky of Nepal and Tibet, this mountain has many names: Chomolungma, Sagarmatha, Qomolungma or Mt. Everest.

Whichever name one chooses, its vagueness still lives on. Sir E. Hillary & Tenzing Norgay first climbed it in 1953. Possibly the most colorful story about the early attempts on Everest is the one involving Captain J. Noel and his native companions. It is in south part of Nepal.There are many mountains (about 6000 and 7000)near it and it is in between which is 8848 meter high.Most of the sherpas are staying there.They follow buddhism and there are many old monasteries.