Among diverse majestic peaks in Nepal, Mera Peak is also considered the most talked about destination in Nepal. This trails through among forests of pine and rhododendron in this remote and uninhabited valley, which leads you to Mera Base Camp. The Peak itself stands to the south of Everest. The ascent of the peak is technically straightforward, however, the heavy snow and the unknown and known crevasses can make the way longer to the summit.Most of the people over here is buddhist i.e sherpas and they follow buddhism which is 750 years old religion.
Besides the glamour of climbing Mera Peak, the trek to its base camp from Lukla is rewarding for experiencing little-visited and as yet un-spoilt region of Nepal with densely forested hillsides. There are several approaches to the base camp with easy and normal route, which is mentioned below. The routes crossing Amphu Labtsa (5,780m) and the Mingbo La (5,871m) provide some of the most adventurous trekkings with spectacular scenery through remote glaciated valleys and passes.
Mera – island peak: 22 days
Mera –island-everest base camp: 25 days
Only mera peak-14/15/16 days.there are different you can choose and we can take you from there,one is from jiri,one from faplu,next from arun valley and next from lukla.Some4 are from low low part and some are from easy.