Manaslu trekking was officially established to trekkers in 1991, but mountaineering expeditions have long had access to this region. Gorkha is where traditionally Manaslu trek starts that goes up the Buri Gandaki valley. The public buses leave from Kathmandu to Gorkha Bazaar every day in the morning but Manaslu trekking is also possible to initiate from Arughat for those who wish to save a day of walking compared to the trek from Gorkha and alternative trekking starting pointor the Around Manaslu trek in Trisuli Bazaar.

However, Gorkha bazaar is the most known and popular trek starting point for the Manaslu Larkya La pass trekking, Around Manaslu trekking route through the Larka La is not a difficult passes, the trek is harder than most in Nepal. Manaslu trek is a fascinating course, the Manaslu, Known as “three peaks”. It is a well- loved trek from Gorkha or Trisuli Bazaar to the Burhi Gandali, passing through a huge precipitous valley to the contrasting world of Sama, crossing snow-covered Larke La and descending to the Marsyangdi Khola, All supplies necessary for the trip (including food and kerosene) must be carried in and all rubbish must be pottered out. As it is a long course, you must be in good physical condition and have extra days for rest during the trek. Sama, Before you cross the pass, it is ideal for this; you can enjoy strolling about the glacial lake and Pugen Glacier there.

Trekking around Manaslu provides you with a virgin opportunity to experience relatively ‘fresh’region of Nepal. It also offers majestically spectacular beauty along the border of Nepal and China and is now a controlled trekking route that permits organized trekking groups special permits to explore around its majestic circuit.. Located in west-central Nepal, the trekking around Manaslu provides fantastic mountain scenery, spanning altitudes from 375 m to 5300 m. A diverse range of ecosystems and ethnic cultures, and a trail that puts one physically closer to Tibet than any other trek in Nepal. Manaslu area people go to the Tibet for buying necessary things such as rice, clothes and Tibetan beer, etc which is cheaper compared to buy in Nepali market.
Manaslu trekking can be possible to make short and long as trekkers wish that mean most of trekkers go to Manaslu and cross Larka La pass then finished the trek in Besi Sahar but some trekkers after crossing Larka La they continue trek to Annapurna circuit, Tilicho Lake or Narphu valley as well as in Manaslu area there is good high pass called Rupinala Pass so it is also possible to include Rupinala pass on Manaslu circuit trek itinerary. Trekking in Manaslu region only possible to operate trek on camping basis / tent camp because Manaslu area there are not available Teahouse /lodge facilities.
Manaslu trek-larke pass:15 days
Manaslu-larke pass with throng pass:25 days