The Langtang and Helambu trekking destinations are the third most popular in Nepal. It is located the north of Kathamandu. These both treks are geographically not complicated and easily accessible from Kathmandu.Langtang Valley trek is the most popular trekking destination in Langtang Region.On the destination way of Helambu trek you come across Langtang which make a combine name Langtang and Helambu destination.
It offers you majestic view of three p0pular places including Langtang Valley , Gosainkunda Lake and Helambu valley. It can be made long and short depending on the time you have or on your wish. You can also partly visit the trekking destinations Langtang Valley , Gosaikunda Lake or Helambu valley . These all trekking destinations are encompassed by Langtang National Park.
The name “ Langtang” has an interesting meaning. Ancient Buddhist (a monk) followed his lost yak called “Lang” . Likewise “Tang” means to follow. Therefore the name Lantang comes from the story which is believed to be true.This valley was visited even by a British mountaineer Mr. Bill Tilman and according to him this valley is one of the most trekking destinations in the world. Since then, Langtang Valley Trek started having name and glory all over the globe. Langtang Valley Trek which is also known as the glaciers’ trek offers you one of the most beautiful natural views in the world magnificent views of glaciers and the Himalaya including Langtang Lirung (7227m) Pemthang Karpo Ri (6865m), Langshisha Ri (6427m), Dorje Lakpa (6966m), Ganchenpo (6387m), Yala Peak (5500m), Naya Kanga (5844m) and other snow-capped peaks. For all this splendid views you have to hike higher place either Kyanjin Ri (4773m) or Tsergo Ri (4984m) from Kyanjin Gompa (The last place for teahouses / lodges facilities in Langtang valley). Langtang trekking trails is nearby Tibetan border, that’s why Langtang area people custom, culture are similar like Tibetans. The Langtang trek offers pain forest, slow moving rivers and swift mountain streams, rugged rock and snow- capped peaks.
In the upper part of valley , there are snow capped landscapes, icicles, high passes enveloped in mist and often in fog, tiny lakes with icebergs floating on the surface of water of crystalline brightness. In this trek the trails are also tall mountains of the solid ice. Gosaikunda which is located at the height of 4200m is regarded as the most sacred trekking destination in Hindusm .According to Hindu mythology, the lake was created by Lord Shiva .The mythology says that Shiva thrusted his weapon (Tirshula) in the mountain in order to extract the water out of the ice so that he could redeem his burning throat due to the toxin he had swallowed. Even today, we can still see a piece of rock which is believed to be the remaining part of the Shiva Shrine.To simplify the meaning “Gosai” stands for monk and “Kunda” stands for pool. Local people even today often claim that they can see Lord Shiva lying on the water.Hindu and Buddhist devotees gather here every full moon night of August to worship the Lord Shiva. Surrounding Gosainkunda you will see the several lakes including Saraswotikunda, Suryakunda, Ganeshkunda Nagkunda, Bhairabkunda and Aamakunda etc.

After Gosainkunda, there is a medium challenging Lauribina Pass 4610m that you have to cross to enter the Helambu valley. After ascend to Lauribina -La Pass and come to Ghopte then continue trek to Tharepati from where possible to choose two trails one lead to Kutumsang for trek end at Sundarijal and another trail lead to Melamchi Gaon for trek end at Melamchipul it means it is possible to end the trek either Sundarijal or Melamchipul as per your request. Literally, in local language, Helambu means ‘potato and radish’. Helambu valley trek it’s have scenic mountains views including Gaurishankar (7145m) and pleasant climate. Helambu valley is more like cultural trek than mountain and glacier expeditions. People here call themselves Sherpas but their relationship with the Sherpa of Solu Khumbu is distant. The dialects spoken are also different. People here follow the Buddhist religion and many old Buddhist monasteries have in Helambu region. During the Langtang and Helambu valley trekking, if lucky you will see the wild animals such as red pandas, Himalayan black bear, wild boar, monkeys, Mountain Thair/ Goat, Leopards, Jackal and different type of birds that that make your journey wonderful.

Langtang and Helambu region treks is possible to organize a camping (tented camp) or teahouse / lodge camp trekking but most of trekkers chosen the teahouse basis for Langtang and Helembu ( Except Ganja La Pass and Tilman Pass trekking) in previous and they were happy with staying in teahouse / lodge and also teahouse trek package is comparatively cheaper than camping trek package so please choose a trekking either teahouse or camping, we are happy to organize Langtang or Helambu trek package on your request.
One is of 8 days
Langtang,gosaikunda ending chisopani:22 days