Ganesh Himal is sporadically visited by many tourists and is situated in Central Nepal,northwest of Kathmandu the terraced hillsides seem to climb to the sky. Many interesting ethnic groups a mixed of lifestyle offers you a glimpse into real Nepali life and this gives visitors an opportunity to observe the Nepalese different cultural tradition from the closest quarter and intermingle with locals, hence giving the visitor a sense of satisfaction.
In addition to this fact, it also offers you an exquisite habitat for a wide variety of plants and animals:526 species of plants (including 40 species of orchids), and 300 species of birds. Other interesting wild animals are the Himalayan Thar, Gaur, many kinds of Monkeys and musk Deer. And there are couple of interesting panoramic viewpoints, which are called Singala Pass, Pangsang Bhanjyang, Jaisal Kunda,Jyamrung. These places offer more than 40 mountains over 6000m (19’680ft.).This wonderful trek strats from Betrawati, after driving almost 4 and half hours from Kathmandu. Going through picturesque village and unspoiled area of the country lead us to Singalala where mountain views are superb. From here we descend through beautiful village and finally get to Arughat where we catch our bus to Kathmandu.
Itinerary: 16 days