Everest Trekking

Everest Region Trekking is the most popular trek in Nepal. It is the common name for all the treks done in the Everest premises. It offers you great opportunities to explore number of snow capped mountains and have peculiar experience of Sherpa culture and etiquette as we ll as the diversity of flora and fauna. Everest is the highest mountain which has long been the greatest and major most attraction for nature lovers and trekkers alike.

It is located in the northeast part of Nepal,in Solukhumbu district, one among seventy five districts. Everest trek is encompassed by Sagarmatha National Park established in 1976 within the area of 1148 square kilometers. Sagarmatha is the Nepalese name of Mt.Everest.Fee for entrance to the National park can either be paid at the tourism board desk in Kathmandu or at Monjo in Solukhumbu but killing of birds or animas is highly considered illegal. The National park is immensely consists of diverse flora and a big number of various endangered species of fauna as well as the panoramic landscape.. Altitude ranges from 2845 meters above sea level (9,330ft) to the top of the world, Mt. Everest at 8848 meters (29,028ft).
The UNESCO declared Sagarmatha National Park a natural World Heritage Site in 1979. Mt.Everest stands within the National park area. Throughout this trek, trekkers come across heart-taking views of beautiful peaks. In addition, Buddhist monasteries, alphabet-encrusted rocks and friendly Sherpa people are unique attractions. Yeti, a sacred mysterious being is also believed to exist in Everest premises.The local people believe that the Pangboche monastery actually has in its possession the real scalp of this Himalayan legend. Most of Everest treks land is covered by forests of rhododendron, birch, pine, juniper and silver fir up to an altitude of 4,000m. Rare species of mammals like the snow leopard, pandas, lynx are seen in the region. Rare bird varieties like snow cock, snow pigeon and different species of pheasants are also found in Everest trekking trails. There are several trekking trails( known as Everst Region Trek) are more popular in Everest region, those are: 1.Everest base camp trekking 2.Kala Pather and base camp Trekking 3.Gokyo valley trekking known as Gokyo RI 4..Cho La Pass trekking, 5. Everest view trekking, 6.. Renjo La Pass trekking, 7.Kongma La Pass trekking, 8. Everest high passes trekking and 9.Nangpa La Pass trekking. Incredible views of Everest and the surrounding peaks are the inescapable fare while you are in Everest trekking. Everest trekking is possible to start either from Jiri bazaar (approximately 7 hour’s bus journey from Kathmandu) or runs directly to and from Lukla (35 minutes flight journey from Kathmandu). We are organizes Everest trekking for individual, families and small groups. We have also special package trips for students groups and larger parties such as travel agents, airlines crews and so on.
Itinerary: 20 days
Khumbu three pass ( khongma pass, chula pass, renjo pass) trek. here is campaign and teahouse as well:22 days