Shey Gomba is Name of the famous Ministries in north western part of Nepal. This is located northern part of Dolpo is usually called Upper Dolpo has Long had an aura of mysysical discussions of the region in peter Matheson’s book the Leopard. Shey was closed to foreigners until 1992.
One story cites the reason for closure as the large-scale theft of the statues from the monasteries several years ago. So for this trekking we need special permit.
Flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and Juphat than trek flow the Bheri River to Do-Trap and you entrance to restated area to shey Gompa (upper Dolpo) than you do around trip to shey Phoksundo Lake one of the famous lake in Nepal, and though Juphal. Nepal was once the center of a large empire that extended into the Tibetan and India it now has a large population of both Hindus and Budhists.
It is remote and unknown from the western view point because of its distance from the kathmandu.reguler flight to Dolpo airstrips in the west reduce this remoteness somewhat. But they add considerably to the cost of trekking. The trails go along river valleys to the shey phoksundo lake, shey Gompa, many passes and Do-Trap via Saldang Pass, Sangda Pass (5490m) to Jomsom.
Itinerary: 16 days and 22 days and 26 days