Jungle Safari in Chitwan National Park
Chitwan National Park is also famous for its first being established NP in Nepal. It is situated at 162 km south of Kathmandu in the lap of lowlands of the inner Terai. It covers an area of 937 sq. km. The park includes hilly areas covered by deciduous Sal forest. One fifth of the park is covered with the floodplains of Narayani, Rapti, and is filled with dense tall elephant grass interspersed with rive rime forests of silk cotton, acacia and sisam trees. This ecologically diverse area can undoubtedly be taken as a heaven of a wild variety of flora fauna. This is the last remaining home in Nepal for the Asian One-horned Rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger leopard, verities of deer, sloth bear, Rhesus monkey, Wild boar, Jackals, civets, mongooses, cats and snakes. The rivers and lakes have long been home for Crocodiles and the Extraordinary Gigantic dolphins. Chitwan is also a Bird-watcher’s delight with more than four hundred migrant and local species birds recorded. There are Cormorants, Herons, Egrets, Storks, Cranes, Ducks, Woodpeckers, Hawks, Osprey, Falcons, Kestrel, Parakeets, Ibis, Kites, Ckoos, Kingfishers, Swallows, Orioles, Drongos, Spiny Babblers which is found only in here and many others birds that is sure to provide you with a complete satisfaction.

How to get Chitwan National Parks ?
You can apporach taking tourist bus or private car to Chitwan National Park from Pokhara or Kathmandu, bus form other part of Nepal to Sauraha chowk and fly to Bharatpur form Kathmandu. You will see our hotel guide and they escort to the Hotel.

By land: depart form Kathmandu or Pokhara early in the morning for a 5 hour drive via Mugling and the Narayanghat Highway. Reach resort in the time for lunch.

By raft: leave Kathmandu or Pokhara at 7 am and enjoy breakfast in the bank of the Trisuli river before embarking. During the journey you can enjoy high and low water waves and water the surrounding scenery. At he end, vehicles will be waiting to take you our hotel

By air: there are several flights that can take you to Bharatpur our hotel vehicles will be wa. You will be spontaneously appreciating the smaller but cuter attractions of the jungle with the naturalists you will be provided . Usually, you feel easy to see animals like Rhino, Deer and sloth bear. As animals prefer to live in less disturbed areas of the park , long day walks has access to get into wider areas of the park . 2. Elephant ride:- Elephant is the safest and most convenient way to get around in the jungle and observe the wild life face to face.

2) Canoe Trip:
A float down to river by dugout canoeing is the best way to see crocodiles basking at the riverbank. We recommend that for sure, it is also a relaxing way to watch birds and wildlife species that frequently can be seen have come to drink water and bath.

3) Jeep Drive:
A jeep drive is the fastest way to visit wide area of the park. A whole about 4 hour’s drive 45 km in the park passing all types of vegetation and wildlife habitats, so chances of seeing big games are highly available .

4) Bird watching:
Royal Chitwan National Park is known as a paradise for birds and birdwatchers . Chitwan valley records over 450 species of birds. The eagle eyes of our naturalist will point out some of the migratory and globally threatened birds.

5) Tharu village walks:
Tharus are the majority tribes of chitwan. They ward off wild animals from flimsy watchtowers called Machan . Tharu houses are made of mud and dung plastered over wood and reed frames which gives the color of naturality .Their traditional culture is still strong in Terai . our naturalist will take you to their village and describe their lifestyle and culture .

6) Culture Dance:
Chitwan is the region where many ethnic groups are met and their own culture and customs are still wonderful . Folk musical tradition vary among Nepal’s many ethnic groups. We will show you different types of dance what is make you feel real venture of your travel. Special we offer 2 night 3 days 4 night 5 days Package tour to Chitwan national parks but if want less than or more than our package itinerary please contact.