About Our Company 

What is treks? Trekking of course, is a curious phenomenon which fills the one one’s hobby to get a part in the trekking mountains & we have an agency which is completely different from the rest of others. Among the various trekking agencies OP. Treks is also one of the best and famous trekking in Nepal. OP Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. is an adventure travel agency in Nepal. There are many trekking activities that a travel agency conducts.These are generally, mount expedition, trekking, jungle safari, rafting
Mountain biking, mountain flights, paragliding etc. are considered to be the major part of mountaineering and trekking.

OP Treks and expedition believe in to give the more entertainment and adventure in familiar environment which in doing only very few of them. OP. Treks Company conducts various kinds of the program which is related with major activities throughout in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India and another is mountain expedition. Apart from these activities we perform rafting, mountain biking, mountain flights, valley tour etc. We deliver trips of a trekking in and around the Himalayas in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. OP Treks has many more experience and qualified guider / worker which believe in giving more satisfaction and best quality service.
Today OP Treks is getting succeed in the spreading of beneficial activities to all of these where happy is to get ride in different mountains. Thus, we are getting strength to satisfy the trekkers without any disturbance or lacks. So, wherever and whichever agency do you choose for your trekking but my dear friends don’t forget to think about OP Treks just once by involving it, you won’t be dissatisfied and regret about it ever.

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